nike carding method 2023 updated toturial Learn how to use a credit card at the official store here. Remember that I tested it myself and it works well. Let’s resume our work now. It’s a novel and effective approach. What you’ll need is: – RDP; (UPDATE 2023: Works with PREMIUM Socks5 – Tested and Premium CyberGhostVPN) U.S. Drop; (If you live in some of the countries where Nike ships, then find a place in your town) – High balance USA CC (Visa or Master). Possibly public, but private is easier; – Acting speed; (How quickly you act depends on you); – Intelligence; (Be intelligent!) HINT: Do not copy and paste the credit card numbers. Actual clients enter them one by one. – Be honest


nike carding method 2023
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steps to do nike carding method 2023

1. Find a nice, reliable RDP. From here (If you’re unsure what RDP is, look it up on Google.) 

2. Use Remote Desktop Connection to access your RDP.

3.) Open the web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera) and delete all cookies, cache, and history.


4.) Check to see if your IP is not banned by visiting Check Your IP, Check DNS, Check for Anonymity.

*4. Change the timezone on your PC to match the IP’s if you’re using Socks5 or a VPN.

5.) Visit the official Nike store by clicking here: us/

6.) Select the item you wish to purchase, add it to your cart, and then click the CHECKOUT button.

7.) Always make a guest checkout. (Stores provide less information while we are visitors.)

7.) Shipping + Billing (The drop and shipment addresses are the same; your billing address is the drop.)

8.) Enter the credit card information (CC Number, Exp. date and CVV2) CVV Shop

9. Verify the box next to “My billing details are the same as shipping.”

10. Include a phony phone number. MUST resemble the figures employed in the nation of shipment.

11.) GMail is our service. The e-mail shoud look like if we ship to “John Doe”.

12.) Place the order.

13.) Preparing to ship. We are done with them. Now it’s time to wait. They need approximately about 24h to ship your order. – That’s it, have fun!

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