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Hello carders, are you getting a lot of your orders declined these days? After all, it’s 2023 and many online websites are after tightening their security to keep amateur carders off the bay resulting in your orders being declined.

Guess what? Today we will give you tips and tricks to bypass those barriers set by the eCommerce websites so you can get past those with ease, so let’s get right to it.


what is carding and how to start carding in 2023 full carding course
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# 1st STEP: 

One of the “biggest mistakes” that you are making as a new carder is trying to card big giant sites like Amazon and eBay.

You must understand the fact that big sites have higher security and they require an expert level of carders to card them, so if you don’t have a D-I-Y (done for you) method explained by an expert carder then don’t bother carding big e-commerce sites, because you don’t yet possess a knowledge about working BINS that is a “must-have” requirement to card big e-commerce sites.

# 2nd STEP: 

Trying with CC that is “Dead” also known as “Reported Lost/Stolen” also known as “Cancelled by the bank” before you try on a site make sure your CC have balanced and is “Live and Active” just because it says “Thank You For Your Purchase” doesn’t mean you CC is Live, it will get your purchased canceled shortly afterward.

cc to btc carding method

# 3rd STEP: 

Putting a Random billing on some site will cancel your order due to failure of AVS (address verification service). So in the case where you got your CC from a shady place that did not come with its billing then you may try putting “your actual dorp” as your shipping address as billing address instead of pulling one-off from the fake address generator.

# 4th STEP: 

BINS BINS BINS… We can’t say it enough times! You MUST get familiar with working BINS for the sites you are trying to card, its a fact that some BINS are more forgiving than others when it comes to CNP (card not present) transactions.

You can get working BINS from us for any site, for example, we have fresh working BINS every two weeks for sites like BestBuy, Nike, eBay, Amazon, JD Sports, so on and so but as a new carder you should find out your site and hit us up while buying the card from us and provide us with a site and we will give you a card for working BIN for that site.

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# 5th STEP: 

Killing CC right after your purchase, so if you purchase something and now you just want to hand over your CC details in a telegram group to act like a big shot so you get credit from freebie carders that have more time than a number of lines on their hands this will kill the CC for sure and it may also get your purchase canceled because the bank will block the CC for suspicious activity and open chargeback disputes on your transaction right away.

# 6th STEP: 


Having bad VPN, and when we say bad we usually mean a “Free VPN” so who is guilty of that? As a newbie carder, you will learn this one trait very quickly that you MUST spend money on carding tools if you are going to take this as a serious profession, or else you will continue to be broke and will not get any success out of carding.

# 7th STEP: 

This one has to be about you “not knowing sites methods.” Sometimes if not every time you are trying to card sites but the sites you are trying to card have tricks to get around shipping and that’s what you need to know if there’s a working method for that site you’re trying to card.

# 8th STEP: 

This is is also important for newbie carders so if you are only after starting and have your heart set on a particular site that you read about in a post from 2019 time and now you are trying to card that site in 2021 that are method is already used and abused to the point that it’s patched so you can consider it “killed & not working” anymore, however, there may be another working method for that same site you just need to find that.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t try to card on sites that everyone is trying to card but instead try and card sites that no one knows about, every carder has his own sites he prefers and sticks with while finding new ways and sites along the process with experience!

# 9th STEP: 

This one is pretty obvious but as a newbie, you can easily overlook getting past this one by putting fake billing information.

So you must know the importance of giving the right billing information and putting a valid phone number you can use “TextNow” as long as the site accepts VOIP numbers or else buy a few burner sim cards from us and have those handy to use on sites that you are about to card, remember its 2021 and putting random phone number and Billing will get your order canceled quicker than the time it takes to load a google page.

# 10th STEP: 

As we said time and time again we are in 2021 and some carders have still not caught up to this hard fact that almost everyone is now shopping online and an average site with a decent amount of traffic can now afford to avail of all the bells and whistles i.e “MaxMind tools” to minimize fraud and one of the many main factors used in a transaction evaluation is if the order used an email from a “temporary email list.”

Fraud tools like MaxMind and almost all others like them have such factors built in their fraud evaluation tools and if they see such email used they can raise the alarms by notifying the merchant that this customer has used a temporary email therefore a manual fraud team reviews your order and guess what they will see all the hallmarks of fraud and your order will get canceled and there goes all your hard work down the drain! 

So our advice is NEVER to use any “temporary emails” when placing your “carding orders.”


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# 1st TIP: 

Always make sure your credit card from a source who spammed those cards fresh like us, the reason spammed cards are important is because it’s from people who had money in their card that they were willing to spend.

So buying High Quality fresh spammed cards will give you high balance cards that won’t get denied or rejected. Now that goes without saying it does not mean that once you buy the CC from us off you go to buy items for like 2k, no that won’t work they will cancel your order because of that the bank may also lock the CC. 

Take it easy, take one step at a time we are with you all the way!

# 2nd TIP: 

This is also a no-brainer that if you are going to be ordering 10+ items in one single purchase your order will be looked at by the fraud prevention team.

You may wonder if it’s even possible for eCommerce sites to look through all the orders they receive and yes you are right to have such suspicion BUT what you don’t know is that “every order has its transaction score” ranging from 1 up to 100 and your score must be over 70% for your order not to have any human interaction up until the delivery, if it’s for physical goods, if the order is for virtual goods it should be delivered automatically (human interaction free) as long as it meets the acceptable order score of 70%+.

Only professional carders know this info and we put that out there because we want you to succeed but remember that you need to invest money in tools to make money if you are not willing to do that then carding is not going to bring you much money if any at all!

Orders with a 70%+ score are orders with cookies and history on the account or else if its new account then everything has to match like CC with Billing + Phone with location and email address etc, which is not a big deal if you put emphasis on this from the very get-go while you are trying to learn carding. 

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IMPORTANT: There’s tons of reason, why your item will STILL get canceled after you will do everything by the book. Why? Well, it depends on the site you are trying to card each site has different methods we recommend carding on easy cardable sites if you don’t know what you are doing.

Any website, whether it’s Amazon or BestBuy or whatever site when they receive an order valued at $1000 or above they will have some sort of manual interaction associated with it to double-check regardless of its transactional score its done to protect themselves against chargebacks.

In the case where AVS had failed but the order had gone through the first thing that website does is to verify the order by contacting their issuing bank to check why the billing phone number customer had entered failed the address verification system, the sites fraud prevention department may also decide to call the customer instead.

In the case above you can receive the call, or the cardholder will, depending on the details you had provided on the website at the time of carding.

Not so fast! A call is not simply “Hello sir, your order is on its way, okay?” But rather a verification call where they want to see if you are really the cardholder or not.

They sometimes ask you for verification questions similar to Verid questions, but all the questions are taken from public reports.

They can also ask you if you put the shipping address on file with the bank (you hopefully did), and they will call the bank to verify. Also, in some rare cases, they can make a conference call with you and the bank, but you will be asked for the usual questions, which means the last 4 of SSN, DOB, last transactions, etc but that is usually done in a case where you have placed a mega order nd hit the jackpot of getting it through the site and is accepted.

Whatever the case maybe we are here to help you every step along the way and we hope that this article will bring you the luck that you need with enough patience and a lot of practice.

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