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Hello fellas what is credit card cloning SHORT ANSWER: Credit card cloning is a fraud type that allows you to make a copy of someone’s credit card.

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Does credit Card Cloning Still Work?

what credit card cloning 2023
what credit card cloning 2023

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Hackers use credit card readers to obtain the magnetic stripe data on a credit or debit card. The information gathered is not limited to the credit card’s CVV, expiration date, and password. A blank card is then written with an MSR reader/writer using the data that is provided as a pin (101 or 201) dump. Dumps are obtained by scammers either through darknet purchases or theft using a “skimmer” device.

Blank credit cards with information from a credit card reader or writer are known as cloned credit cards. These can be applied to both ATM withdrawals and in-store card purchases (although it was possible a few years ago).

Nowadays, cloned debit/credit cards can only be used to make purchases. This is so because the magnetic stripe is where all data is written when cloning a card. Hence, the only way to make a payment is via swiping. That’s why cloners refer to this action as “swiping” frequently.

As the encrypted data on the EMV chip changes every time it is read, it is almost impossible to clone the EMV chip in order to withdraw a cloned credit card amount from an ATM. Nonetheless, EMV readers are available online.

Not just credit and debit cards but also gift, discount, hotel, car wash, and cashback cards can be duplicated. And compared to cloned CC, using these cards is significantly simpler.


It’s still possible to profit from it, but it’s just too complicated, expensive, and risky. Remember that 90% of the sellers you see online are merely con artists who advertise “just buy and cashout” as if selling something were that simple. Nobody likes to share their secret sauce.