latest Airbnb carding method 2024

Hello carding legends team today i have dropped this latest airbnb carding method 2024 please follow along with me I guarantee you instant cash out

Airbnb is easy to card, but it doesn’t involve withdrawal as it only uses gift cards. However, if someone is going on vacation, you can redeem your Airbnb Gift Card for cash while they use your Airbnb Gift Card to make reservations.


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airbnb carding METHOD

Unlike traditional carding methods such as Amazon carding, carding, and Apple carding, Airbnb carding does not require shipping and does not necessitate the use of a picker. You only need fake emails, a burner phone number, an OPSEC (Operations Security) voucher, and a live credit card with a balance.

airbnb carding method
airbnb carding method

In a nutshell, let me walk you through the most recent Airbnb carding method for free bookings using a gift card.

Airbnb first appeared in the United States in 2008. It is an online vacation rental service that allows people to book rooms using gift cards. Airbnb allows you to book homestays, sightseeing, and lodging in the most interesting locations.

airbnb carding method
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Carders discovered that you could card Airbnb in late 2009; while you won’t cash out, you can use a CC to secure a free vacation at the world’s top hotels.

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Furthermore, you can only trade the cards if you are a US resident, which is why you need good OPSEC like a VPN or socks.
Meanwhile, gift cards purchased to fund your Airbnb account do not expire as long as the account is active.

You can also purchase $1,000 gift cards to use when booking luxury vacations.

Requirements used in airnbn carding method

In this section, I disclose the tools you need to card Airbnb faster.

Below are the requirements for the Airbnb card:

CC live

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You’ll need a CC fullz non vbv live to card to book a free vacation for you and your loved ones on Airbnb. To begin, search online for a US-registered credit card voucher, as Airbnb gift cards only accept US payment methods.

If you purchase a UK credit card, you will be unable to credit Airbnb because gift cards are not available in the store.

It is important to note that the credit card must be unverified by Visa in order for an OTP to be requested when adding the card to purchase a gift card.

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phone number

It is easier to obtain a US phone number that is not registered in your name if you live in the United States. For residents outside the United States, the US phone number is required for verification, or burner phone numbers can be used.

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Multiple emails

In this Airbnb gift card carding tutorial, we’ll use two email addresses that will be used to create two Airbnb accounts.

You can use any email service provider, such as Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, or Protonmail.

During this time, I used for my experience because it simplifies carding and each email comes with around 100 email aliases, allowing you to add all messages to a single mailbox reception.

However, as part of the verification process, I also created a second email address in Gmail.


f course, you need Airbnb accounts for the carding method to take place. It’s even easier to create an Airbnb account, and I recommend using a VPN to create with US servers.

In one of the experiences, when I created without a VPN, it was still possible to add a US credit card, buy a gift card, and book a vacation at one of the best hotels in the US .


To begin, if you want to remain anonymous online, make sure you have good OPSEC. Of course, every carder should have a carding VPN on hand whenever they want to use any carding method for a quick withdrawal.

Second, you must set the VPN location to the United States, because we can only purchase gift cards with an IP address and payment method from the United States. Of course, your CC serves as the payment method (credit/debit card) required to purchase an Airbnb Gift Card.

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lets do airbnb carding method

Now you know the requirements/tools to get started. So, let’s continue with the steps to successfully card Airbnb and get away with it.

Below are the steps regarding the Airbnb carding method:

Get CC

First, get a CC from any trusted CC retailer online or from us. Second, confirm if the CC is active and working by signing up for premium services like Alexa webmasters, pornhub premium, etc. If the card is accepted, your CC is active.

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Note: Sign up with the US server using a VPN, as your CC is a US CC.
If the CC is verified by Visa, it is quite unfortunate as the original CC holder will be notified. Our cc’s are all no vbv’s.

Create multiple Airbnb accounts

In this Airbnb carding tutorial, I open 2 Airbnb accounts.

One of the accounts will carry the CC details, while the second account will be registered in your name. In a way, I don’t recommend registering the second account in your name to avoid being tracked. You can use a random name, you are sure to be able to create a fake ID later.

Enable VPN

Now activate your VPN and connect it to the servers of the location where your CC is saved.

For example, if your CC is registered in North Carolina, USA, you need to get a VPN that supports that location.

Note: It is advisable to activate your VPN from the start of the Airbnb carding method.

Buy a gift card

Log in to one of your Airbnb accounts and purchase a gift card worth only $200.

To add a gift card to your Airbnb account, follow these steps:

  • Click Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the Payment & Payouts tab.
  • Click Add Gift Card under Airbnb Gift Credit.
  • Enter your Airbnb Gift Card number and PIN and click Redeem Gift Card.

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Transfer gift card

Now send the gift card to the other Airbnb account that you registered as the recipient account.

To purchase a gift card on Airbnb, visit the Airbnb online store.

Note: In most cases, you can only access the Airbnb Gift Card Store using a desktop computer, or you switch your mobile browser to desktop mode.

What you need is a name and email address to send the gift card. So, enter the email address, name, and write a simple description, then send the gift card to the recipient (the second Airbnb account you created).

On the payment screen, use the CC details you purchased online.

You can buy gift cards for $250 per day, but do not buy more than 2 gift cards per day.

Note  : It doesn’t matter if the CC details match the details you provide.

Additionally, you can use a single Airbnb Account Card to link multiple CCs and Gift Cards to your recipient account.

Book reservations

When the gift card balance in your recipient account is credited, you can then make reservations for yourself or loved ones, and Airbnb will charge from the gift card balance.

Make sure you don’t guarantee reservations that exceed your Airbnb gift card balance. In the United States, I can book any hotel for business, tourism, etc. But I don’t know if you can book vacations with Airbnb outside of the US. So you can try or sell the account to a US resident and get paid in cash.

For the sake of trust, use an escrow during the transaction.

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Final Airbnb Carding Thoughts 2024

Typically, Airbnb processes the transaction within 5 minutes. If yours exceeds 5 minutes, don’t worry, it will be rectified.

Now open the recipient’s email address and accept the gift card you sent. You can accept the Airbnb Gift Card by clicking the link in the email, or you copy the code from the email address and paste it into the recipient’s account to credit your Airbnb account.

Finally, note that the gift card remains permanently in your Airbnb account.

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