how to sell products on eBay become seller on ebay and make money for free😍😍

You want to sell on eBay for free if you’re on a tight budget. This means you’d be listing for free, and eBay is a great place to start. The listing freebie, however, is not permanent, and you must pay after more than 250 listings per month.

eBay is an excellent platform for selling used or new items online. To attract more buyers, you simply need to be at the top of the search results. And, in order to attract buyers, your listings and optimizations must be done correctly.


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This publication teaches you not only how to list for free on eBay, but also the techniques and guidelines that will help you become a better seller, especially as a beginner.

Do the following to sell for free on eBay:


You need the products before you can make the sales. You can sell a wide range of products on eBay as long as they are not counterfeits, replicas, or illegal items that cause harm in any way. A list of prohibited and restricted items on eBay can be found here.

You want to narrow down the product niche and estimate the profitability. You could conduct product research on items to sell by searching eBay Explore for popular and trending items.

Terapeak Product Research, an eBay tool, is another way to research and narrow down on items to sell on eBay. This tool can assist you in obtaining new product ideas and details, such as the average total number of sellers, selling price, and total sales, to name a few.

You want to have a source for the item you need after researching it. Think about manufacturers/wholesale suppliers, as well as thrift stores and garage sales.

how to sell products on ebay
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a. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers

If you use manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to source for products, you’d be getting them in bulk. You can find suppliers on websites such as AliExpress and Alibaba at affordable rates.

b. Thrift stores and garage sales

Scout thrift shops and garage sales in your local community for items you can sell at higher prices on eBay. Consider using websites such as Garage Sale Finder and YardSales to find live events around you.

c. Dropshipping

You can dropship, which involves buying or maintaining inventory by just listing products from online stores and then shipping from the seller to the buyer. You’re merely acting as a middleman selling cheaper items at a higher price for profit.

create an ebay Account

First, decide whether you want a business or personal account. These accounts can be made for free in order to sell on eBay. Consider opening a personal account if you only have a few new or used items to sell. Create a business account if you have large products or plan to sell on eBay as a merchant in the long run.

You can use your legal business name with an eBay business account. You can personalize the account to match your brand.

4. Set up an eBay shop

Don’t consider this option if you have no money left to spend—you pay the subscription fee monthly. You can always do it at any time. With an eBay store, you can create a personalized and branded experience for your customers and potential buyers.

You’re eligible to create one as long as you have a seller account on eBay. The subscription plan may change with time, so refer to for the current eBay store subscription plans when you have the money.

5. List and describe your items for free

To list your item for sale on eBay, click “Sell” after logging into your account.

The next part is to make your product presentable. You want to write a relevant description, including as much detail as possible without fluffs.

a. Item description

When describing the products, you want to provide essential information about the item that tells potential buyers what to expect.

Include every product feature and benefit and any additional accessories it comes with.

Keep your writing crisp and to the point—avoid grammatical or spelling errors.

b. Specify the item condition

Be honest and accurate about the current condition – wear and tear of the item. You should specify if it is new, refurbished/renewed, used, or for parts.

New: the item is in good condition and still in the box.

Refurbished: the item has been returned due to a fault, or the original buyer changed their mind about it. The item has been repaired (if there was anything wrong) and tested to ensure that it is fully functional and fresh as new.

Used: the item has been used, either fairly or roughly (specify it to the buyer), and is in good condition.

For parts: if the item you’re selling is for parts, lost it as “for parts “. This means the condition is generally bad and only it can only be used for parts.

c. Product specifics

Mention the name of the brand, size, type, color, type, and style of the product. The point is to mention the general specifications of the product. You can look it up online to avoid making mistakes—just search the product and model online.

d. Item identifiers

Item or product identifiers are unique codes manufacturers use to identify certain products. Product identifiers can include MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) such as ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or UPC (Universal Purchase Code).

e. Shipping information

You’d have to select flat (same shipping fee applies to all buyers), freight (items weighing more than 150 pounds), calculated (shipping cost according to buyer’s location), or pick-up only (eBay gets to evaluate the shipping cost). For pick-up only, you will submit the address you’re sending the items.

f. Add photos

eBay allows up to 12 photographs, so make sure each photo covers the various angles of the product for sale.

Do not use photos downloaded from the internet. Keep the photos natural so that the buyer knows what to expect. Otherwise, they may request a refund or even leave negative feedback.

Get a good digital camera or use your phone’s camera (if it’s a midrange or high-end device). If you do not a pretty background to use for the photos, use a white or neutral background.

You can use a photo editor to refine the photos. However, do not add effects that change the natural color. Do not also use flashlights when taking photos. You need natural light to retain the color and detail, so use a bright area with sunlight. Buyers want to see what the natural eyes see in the items they order.

Finally, select either the auction or fixed-price formats, and fix a price for your product. If you choose auction, your product will be open to bids for up to 10 days. You can end the auction whenever you receive your best bid.

6. Sell and receive payment

Usually, when your item sells, eBay charges 10-15% of the final value. However, your first 250 listings each month are free. After that, you’ll pay a $0.35 insertion fee per listing. As a beginner or existing seller, this means you list for free and only pay a commission when you sell.

The checking account you linked is what eBay uses to pay you. After your order has been confirmed, eBay will charge a commission in the form of selling fees. The remaining proceeds go to your eBay account as “Processing Funds”.

It usually takes 1 day after confirming your buyer’s payment for the sales proceeds to appear as “Available for Payout”. This won’t be the case if the transaction was placed on hold, so it can take even longer for it to show up.

However, if the buyer confirms the payment, it takes about 2 days to initiate your payout if your payouts are scheduled daily. Funds to your account will take 1-4 business days to become available to you.


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