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Hello guys today let’s talk about how to get A drop address for carders how do carding really get drop addresses to get their items shipped kindly follow along with me am sure we going to learn together here on carding legends community

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what is a drop ADDRESS

A “drop” is a place or location to which illegal, carded, or stolen goods are shipped. It has to be a place that has nothing to do with your current life and nothing to do with you.

How to get a drop address for carding
How to get a drop address for carding
How to get a drop address for carding
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So now you’re probably wondering:


How am I going to recieve all this stuff?”

The perfect solution is to send your carded items as a gift, this way you can ship your items worldwide without getting flagged.

Where do I receive my items?”

Your drop adress needs to meet the following requirements:
– Never your own adress
– No camera’s

“What is the easiest way to receive my gift?

“When ordering, write a delivery notice saying: “Do not ring the bell, do not give the package to my neighbors, please drop the package at the front door”

how to get a drop carders

“How do I know when to pick up my gift?”

Track and trace your shipment and wait near the drop during the delivery window. Wait until the courier has left before picking up your gift.

Finding a drop is not difficult. You can look for houses for rent on Craigslist or simply drive around your neighborhood looking for houses for sale where you can ship goods. Check that there are no large windows that allow the driver to see that the house is empty. You don’t want the package returned to the sender as a result of this. Simply use your brain to find a decent house that you believe is worthy of receiving a package. Choose a town close to yours but not in your immediate vicinity.


The big day has arrived: UPS tracking indicates “Out for Delivery.” Yeah! Check to see if the package requires a signature. Except for UPS, all carriers require it. You can see if Signature Required is written on your tracking page for UPS. If nothing specifically mentions a signature, or if you are unsure, a signature is not required.

Method 1: Acting like you are away

If you don’t need a signature, you can leave a note on the door, “we are away, please leave package here, take this as my signature” and you might as well print the order confirmation page showing the tracking number and put it with your note to make your case stronger. The driver makes the final decision about leaving the package or not, but usually there is no problem with UPS when they don’t need signature. Sign the note, put the order confirmation page with it, stick it in the door, and wait in your car not far from the place. When the driver leaves the place, grab the package, and put it in your car. Then skip method 2, and continue reading.

Method 2: Acting like you own the place

When a signature is required, the second method is used. You will have to meet the driver face to face. Remember that you can unwind. The driver’s job is not to investigate fraud, but rather to ensure that the package is delivered correctly. So you must simply convince him that the package is yours; they don’t care about fraud (but don’t be stupid and discuss your crime). Carry a printout of the order confirmation page with you, the tracking number open on your smartphone (use VPN! ), and appear to be waiting for him. You could wait at the bus stop, sit on the front lawn, or do whatever you want. Keep in mind, however, that waiting in the car when the driver notices you get out is highly suspicious. If you choose to wait at the drop while remaining visible, remove any “for sale” or “for rent” signs and call the bank’s automated system before arriving to ensure the card is still valid and the police are not waiting for you. Greet the driver, show your papers, and sign the cardholder’s name before moving on to the next section.

Sometimes the driver gets cocky and asks why your name isn’t the same as the one on the package, or why you’re not inside. You can tell because you recently moved and put it under someone else’s name because you have “customs problems.” When you threaten them with a complaint at their local UPS hub, they usually calm down and hand over the package. In my last carding trip in Minnesota, I had a cocky driver, so I had to use this method to get my package.

In my experience, if you have brokerage fees to pay (such as an international package), you can call UPS before receiving the order and inquire about the amount. If you leave a money order on the door, the driver will accept it and deliver the package. You will avoid receiving an InfoNotice in this manner, and the driver will believe you own the property. I’ve done it numerous times with no failures.

Picking your package at the UPS facility

In some unfortunate cases, the package may end up at the local UPS facility, where it will require government-issued identification to be picked up. This happens if you, for example, miss your drop. In that case, there is a better trick than making a fake ID.

Typically, the package is held for 5 business days before being returned to the sender. Day 0 is the day the package arrives at the facility. There are two possibilities:

Scenario 1: You receive a call from a UPS branch.
They will most likely call and say something like, “We have a package for James Fakename waiting at the facility for pickup.” Simply state that you are unfamiliar with this individual. Here’s an example script of how it should look:

UPS: Hello, may I speak with James Fakename?

You: I believe you may have dialed the wrong number; who is speaking?

UPS: This is the UPS branch; we dialed the number on the package.

You: Oh, I was expecting a package as well, but it didn’t arrive. Is this a Newegg package, a small box?

UPS: Yes, we have one small box for James Fakename here.

You: I have a tracking number; could you please verify that the last four digits are 3382?

UPS: They are, indeed.

You: I’m shocked because my name is Fake Name and I was expecting this one. I’m not sure who James Fakename is. When I placed the order, they also appeared perplexed.


UPS: The package will be waiting for you here; just come pick it up when you’re ready.

This worked twice for me. I was watching two drops at the same time and missed one package. This enabled me to grasp it.

Scenario 2: You do not receive a phone call.
Call the toll-free number on day 5 and ask to be transferred to the local branch. You can repeat the scenario and inquire about a package that is waiting for you. You must sound confused and as if you were the victim of an error by the online store, and they will gladly hand over the package to you. Every time I did it, I was never asked for a form id ID, and everything went smoothly.

Please do not use your real name. Before going, test the card (call the bank), and only do so if the card is still active; otherwise, it can be dangerous. If you’re too scared, you can send a mule, but I showed my face a few times while the card was still active and never had any problems.

I sometimes skip this step after receiving your package because I am lazy, but you should be extra cautious. Your freedom is priceless, so take 5 minutes to perform this precaution.

Open the cardboard packaging in a nearby park or public space. Examine your surroundings for any devices that may be tracking your location, such as bugs, GPS devices, and so on. Then, discard the shipping label (burn it if necessary), and you now have in your possession a valuable item that you carded using your ATOd card. Also, if you went this route and brought it to the drop, burn the order confirmation page! You can call your carding heist a “success” at this point! Drive home and unwind; you own the bank and the website.

You have reason to brag about it on the forums. If the card is still valid and no tracking device was present, you can card to the same drop until the card burns. Take as much as you can from it. Burn the card completely. I recall receiving $18,000 in electronics at the same drop, split across 5 orders. This was a profitable week.

Okay, you carded the item, ATO’d the account, got more items, burned that drop to a crisp, and now the card is dead… either exceeded the credit limit or been flagged by the cardholder Enjoy your goods and never show your face to that drop again!

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