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How to Configure & Use SOCKS5 Proxy

how to connect socks5 What’s new with you all these days? Today, we’ll look at how to connect and use socks / socks5 proxy network on Android how to connect socks5 on Android which is a frequently asked question. Global traffic cannot be routed through proxy servers using this configuration. It can, however, be configured over the Wi-Fi connection on iOS devices, such as iPhones.

Today, however, we’ll show you how to connect and and use socks5 proxy network without having to “root” or “jailbreak” your device or download any third-party software.

This configuration is for the Firefox browser, which you can get from the Google Play Store or the Firefox official website, but chances are you already have it on your device.

Socks5 meaning

SOCKS is an internet protocol that uses a proxy server to route data between a server and a client.

SOCKS5 is the most recent version of the SOCKS protocol.

Is socks5 proxy encrypted?

No, but SOCKs5 proxy is more secure because it establishes a full TCP connection with authentication and relays traffic using the Secure Shell (SSH) encrypted tunneling mechanism.

Should we use SOCKS5 with a VPN?

Socks, yes. 5 proxies are effective at masking your online identity, but your traffic is not encrypted, whereas VPNs are effective at encrypting traffic.

Don’t just use SOCKS5, use a VPN as well!


The best setup I can propose is using the two, and IPVanish can save you the hassle and money of buying a VPN and socks5 proxy separately.

When you sign up for an IPVanish account, you get both a VPN and a SOCKS5 proxy.

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Should we use a free SOCKS5 proxy?

Free proxies and VPNs should be avoided for the following reasons:

Privacy and Online Security Concerns: If you aren’t paying for a service, keep in mind that you are the “Product” rather than the “Customer.”

All of these free proxies track their users’ traffic and either sell it to third parties or use it to serve ads, which means you’ll start seeing ads for almost everything you do or visit.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Setting Up SOCKs5 Proxy on FireFox(Applicable to Chrome)

👍1. Open your Firefox browser on your mobile device.

How to connect socks5
👍2. Go to the Firefox Add-ons store and search for FoxyProxy Extension or download directly from here.
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5

👍3. Download the “FoxyProxy” Extension, once it’s enabled, click on it to open up the FoxyProxy menu.

How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5
👍4. Now in the FoxyProxy menu, you will see an option named “Settings”, click on it, a new page will load up and you start the configurations.
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5

👍5. Click on that “Add” button that you can see there, time to start the configuration.

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The name of the proxy is: (optional) You are free to enter anything.
Type of proxy: Select a DNS name or a SOCKS5 proxy address: Enter your “Server Name” or “Proxy Socks Address.”
1080 (port)
Your socks5 proxy’s “username” is your username.
Your socks5 proxy’s “password” is your password.

6. To save the credentials you’ve provided, enable the button next to “Send DNS over SOCKS5 Proxy” and then click the Save button.

still more….

How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5

#7. Make sure you change the “Turn Off (Use Firefox Settings)” to the “SOCKS5” option

How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5

#9. Click on the “What’s My IP” menu

option, which is on the left side to confirm if the proxy is properly configured.

How to connect socks5
How to connect socks5

After you’ve finished configuring the socks5 proxy, all of your traffic will be routed through it, regardless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android device.

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Please keep in mind that this proxy setting is only active for Firefox.

Other programs that connect to the internet directly will not have their traffic routed through the socks5 proxy configured in your Firefox browser, revealing your true IP address.

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