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Help & Support!

Here you will find access to our helpful material to understand how our site works and you can get the most out of “


Unlike “Empire Market” we control everything on “Cash-out Money” we resolve the issues if they arise and take action where it needs to be taken.


We are entitled to make our website visitors happy and reach us easily, also To have a website that readers can browse from any device.


We thought you’d ask!

We invested heavily in our infrastructure after Empire Market died and let us down in the process.

We have come up with an incentive to give 10% cashback on every single order to all our customers who will send us either “Screenshots” or “Videos” with a handwritten tag that says “Cardingstore” after receiving their items/services.

It’s that simple and there are no catches!

So for example, if you place the order for a “Fake ID” for $150 after sending us a video or photo of your ID with our tag that says “Cardingstore” you will be awarded $15 in BTC for your next order.

If you have more questions kindly contact us now